WordCamp St. Louis is SOLD OUT. Whew!

I am extremely impressed, St. Louis! When I first started thinking about WordCamp happening in St. Louis, I thought, “Is St. Louis ready for a WordCamp?” The answer is now extremely obvious – YES! We have sold out for our event at 200 eager WordPress-lovers ready to learn and meet other like-minded WordPressians (I totally just made that up).

Now let’s have some fun at WordCamp! Don’t forget – we still need volunteers!

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4 Responses to WordCamp St. Louis is SOLD OUT. Whew!

  1. Seriously? you’re seriously out? I JUST learned about WordCamp for St. Louis and you’re out 🙁 I’m not even a WordPress user, I use Blogspot but want to switch over, thought this would be a GREAT opportunity to try to figure it out…but maybe it would’ve just confused me since I’m not on that platform yet. shucks.

  2. Jim Ullum says:

    would like ticket to Aug 6 Wordcamp in St. Louis.

  3. Our staff really enjoyed attending WordCamp St. Louis. It was a great day, filled with good material and great people. Maryville’s campus was a great venue and the afterparty at the Pinup Bowl was a blast. Thanks so much to everyone who planned this excellent event!

  4. hery says:

    Maryville’s campus is never forgettable and I also wishes could came back next year. Thank a lot for that event.
    cheers for you Guys