Q&A Town Hall with Matt Mullenweg

Ask WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg questions about WordPress at WordCamp St. Louis 2011! Matt will be responding to questions from the St. Louis WordPress community so make sure to bring your questions!

WP SEO Tricks Your Competitors Wish They Knew

Everyone knows that WP is inherently SEO friendly from the get-go, but there are still a lot of great little tweaks that you can do to make that site even more yummy for the Search Engines. We’ll talk about those tweaks, plugins and code changes that will make your competitors wonder how you’re overtaking their rankings.

WordPress Core Q&A with Peter Westwood

Plugins on a Budget: 7 Essential Plugins to Save Time & Money

We want to share some of our favorite plug-ins from our tool belt to help jumpstart your next WordPress endeavor! A common thread in both disciplines is getting the job done quickly and efficiently. When developing websites with WordPress we employ a wide range of plug-ins to do some of our “heavy-lifting” code-wise, so that we can offer small and mid range businesses the features they need at prices they can afford.

I run Graphite Lab, a St. Louis based digital studio that offers creative services ranging from game development to website development.

WordPress Security – How to Stop Worrying and Love a Secure Website

Everyone loves the fact that WordPress is open source, everyone including those who have malicious intent. With the popularity of WordPress on a steady rise it is more important than ever to secure your site. I will show you some useful hacks and tweaks you can do as well as several plugins that will help secure your website and leave the hackers of the world looking for an easier target.

How to Prepare and Submit Your Theme For the WPORG Theme Repository – and Get it Approved!

Have you developed a Theme you would like to share with the community by hosting it in the WordPress Theme Repository, or are you thinking about it? Does the process of preparing a Theme for public distribution, submitting it for approval, and getting it approved seem daunting? This session will help you better understand how to prepare your Theme, how the submission, review, and approval process works, and how to get your Theme approved and into the Repository. This session will cover the general principles of public-release and repository-hosted Themes, as well as practical tools, tips, and tricks for ensuring your Theme passes a Theme Review.

Intro to WordPress Theme Development

Are you a newbie at designing, WordPress themes, or perhaps at a point in your design and development crew on how to expedite the process best? The great thing about designing and developing with WordPress is that you have so many options to get the job done. For those who have been designing and developing a while, come, listen, and would love your feedback too as I hope allow the floor open enough for a good question and answer session.

Some of the points I will be touching base on is:

– Should you use a framework or build from scratch?
– Some tips to consider what to do when designing for yourself or clients
– How to make sure you are explaining to clients how WordPress can work wonders for them versus other methods?
– Resources that will help you on the way
– Examples of good design to help you think outside of the box.
– Cheat sheet of what you should be asking your clients on what they want in terms of design (branding.)

I hope that you will walk away inspired to take your site and your clients’ sites to the next level. Oh, and I will be around for the whole conference, so feel free to ask me questions.

Setting up a WordPress Development System – From Start to Go-Live!

Want to setup WordPress to design/develop locally without the dependency of the internet?

Want to allow your Clients to view your local developed WordPress sites remotely?

What about how to transfer your local WordPress to a remote server (..the most effective way)?

If you are a WordPress developer, designer, or blogger even, you would know the pain of having to update, upload and wait for the server to update. Or what about having to transfer a WordPress installation from host to host…Sheessh! Can we say “page error 400!”. Well I want to show you the best approach from start to Go-live.

I will also pull out the Sam-O’-bag of tricks to show you how to really fly with your WordPress development.

WordPress Helps Sell St. Louis to the World was recently redesigned and is now powered by WordPress. This session will cover the specific case study (without getting too technical) and discuss how a site with over 5M annual visits was migrated to WordPress, the associated challenges and the benefits now that the site is live.

Show Me the Money! How to Make a Living with WordPress and Web Design

James will provide an overview of how you can actually make money with WordPress and basic web design skills. He’ll also offer up some valuable tips on getting paid what you’re worth – on time, every time. How will help you? You can live a life free of Ramen Noodles and cardboard box houses unless you don’t want to!

Guest Blogging: How To Build and Leverage Relationships With A-List Bloggers

Guest Blogging on A-List blogs is one of the quickest ways to grow traffic, links, social media mentions and sales for your blog.  This session will include finding A-List blogs that are a good fit for your content, connecting with them, pitching them and finally preparing your site an avalanche of traffic.

Blogging for Brands : How to Make Blogs a Core Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Learn how to make Blogs an integral part of your marketing mix. Blogging establishes you as an expert, builds your SEO, ends cold calling, and creates community. This session will cover strategy and best practices to create a powerful brand.

Successful WordPress Business Tips to Compete and Beat Traditional Web Companies

This presentation will explore what it takes to make yourself unique in the market place and how to combat traditional web development companies, AND SUCCEED. I’ll share what they don’t know and how you can use knowledge and service to overcome their shortcomings.

WordPress for Writers, Publishers, and other Content Providers

Shawntelle will discuss how she uses WordPress from the perspective of an author and a developer. In particular, she’ll present what one should look for in a theme, plug-ins of particular interest to authors/publishers, and how an author should use WordPress to establish their brand. In addition, Shawntelle will talk about how publishers, like Random House, use WordPress to showcase books, engage potential/current readers, and other aspects from a technical perspective.

It’s about time. It’s about type! Make real web type look great on all your sites.

Did we really only use five type families for fifteen long years?

Well, the design drought is over – well over, in fact.

Here’s what you need to know now to make type on your sites look great:

  • Why the type revolution took so long to get going.
  • The top type technologies for your WordPress themes – and how to solve the problems that come up.
  • Where to get great web type without breaking your (or your clients’) budgets. (And where not to.)
  • Today’s hottest new foundries and designers, and a refresher on what faces go with what.
  • And a look at that time-honored issue that follows us from medium to medium: What’s readable to you?

Anatomy of a Premium WordPress Theme

Brian will provide an overview of how to give users what they want in a premium WordPress theme without going overboard. Discussion points will cover theme architecture, using WordPress assets to your advantage, and optimizing your theme for user customization.

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